Great Opportunity to Study, Live and Work in Japan 

Being part of the Japan Schools program gives you the opportunity to learn Japanese while working part-time. You will be able to pay on a monthly basis, unlike most Japanese language programs where students are required to cover full tuition costs before starting their language courses. You will also be able to have employment consultation for a part-time job during your study and full-time jobs after finishing your language program.

“Coming to Japan has never been this simple”

Monthly Installments allow you to come in an affordable way

If your dream has always been to come to Japan, recognized as one of the most exciting destinations in the world, this is your opportunity. Often considered to be a very convenient, sophisticated, and clean country with unique cultural elements that attract tourists. Japan has earned a reputation for being one of the most desired places to visit or live in. 

Our mission is to welcome as many motivated and enthusiastic foreigners as possible to come to Japan and study their language. Moving to a different country can be expensive. Therefore, our specialty is to help people overcome entry barriers by helping in finding affordable language schools as well as employment opportunities in Japan.



School Japans helped me to choose a great Japanese Language School. I have wanted to join a school since long ago, however I was not able to find an affordable one. Japan Schools gave the necessary support to go throughout the process. Now my dreams have come true in Japan!



Japan Schools has been Amazing! I have always wanted to live in Japan, however I didn´t know which was the best option for me. I was able to come to Japan as a student with the help of Japan Schools. I really liked Japan so now I am planning to continue my life here. I will be applying to get a job soon. Thank you so much Japan Schools!



Japan Schools helped me make my dreams come true. I have been in love with Japanese culture since I was a kid. While I was studying in the Japanese school I was introduced to, I was able to travel around the country and visit some famous spots that I had only seen in anime. Everything was so easy with Japan Schools. Thank you very much! (¡Gracias!)



Japan was always my dream country. With Japan Schools I got the opportunity to come to Japan and study their beautiful language. I was really scared with the VISA process, however I received complete support from Japan Schools so everything was easy. I am thankful for having had this opportunity. Now I wish to spread the Japanese Language in my own country.



Since I was a kid, I was really interested in Japanese products and culture. With this program I had the opportunity to come to Japan and experience their culture on my own. I feared the big differences in language and ways of doing things. However, I found the perfect support to overcome any difficulty. Thank you Japan Schools!



Japan is famous for being the country leading the world in terms of technology. You can’t think about Japan without mentioning robots,fantasy, and the future. Thanks to Japanese Schools, I was able to come to this beautiful country. They help me with all the process from the beginning until the end. Now I am enjoying my time in this advanced, clean and exciting country. Thanks for all the help.

Have you had any of the following issues?

  • I want to study in Japan but schools tell me to pay all the Japanese course before coming to Japan
  • I have been looking for a Japanese Language School but haven’t found and affordable one
  • I want to study in Japan but don’t know how to get a student VISA
  • I have no experience on how to present a good interview with Japanese people from the Schools
  • I have studied Japanese by myself but I still can’t speak it fluently
  • I wish that someone can go to the interview with me and help me to translate
  • I’m not in Japan and want to have an online interview, is it possible?
  • I want to finish my studies in Japanese and apply for a Working VISA
  • I have already visited other agents that provide a similar program, but they are all very expensive! I can’t afford it.

Don’t worry, we can help you with all those matters! 

Our Services

Please contact us visa registration form or call our company. We are also accepting applications with our agents. Staff at Japan Schools are proactively reaching out to Japanese Language Schools for studying opportunities. Feel free to reach us if you have any questions.
Accompaniment in the Interview with a Japanese Language School that you have chosen
Interviews can be nerve-racking. However, we will help you to prepare for this important moment. Remember to be properly prepared with a clean suit and be on time. Japan Schools can provide optional services such as translation and support for documents to applicants who might need some help.
Once you have been accepted
First, Congratulations! Once you have been accepted you will need to apply for the visa. This process might be hard due to the number of documents you need to gather. We will be helping you with any question you might have about the documents you are asked for. Our staff is well prepared to help you with the process.
After VISA approval
It takes about 2 weeks – 3 months for the Immigration Bureau of Japan to provide the result of your visa application. Once your VISA is approved, you are ready to make your dream come true. We know that it is not that easy to start a new life in a different country. Japan School’s staff will help you with Japan related questions. E.g., Where should I live? Where can I find a specific item in Japan? How can I begin to look for a job in Japan?

All foreigners are Eligible

If you are in Japan

If you are living in Japan and would like to change your status of residency to be able to study in a Japanese Language School.
Please contact us!

If you are Abroad

If you already finished your High School and want to study in a Japanese Language School.
Please contact us!

Many people around the world are finding great opportunities to study Japanese Language and have an unforgettable life experience

  • As soon as you join Japan Schools, we will present opportunities to study in Japan
  • Allow you to learn a beautiful language, have an immersion in Japanese culture and have a life changing experience
  • Please feel free to call, e-mail, or visit us

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