Can’t afford lump sum payment of school tuition? Looking for an affordable study abroad program?

Most of Japanese Schools require upfront payment of annual tuition.

Apply to our program, you will be able to pay the tuition in monthly installment!

Monthly Payment Plan
Japan Tuition Management Systems (JTMS)

Our Monthly Payment Plan, offered by Japan Tuition Management Systems, is a payment plan by which a student or parent, guardian, or sponsor of a student can make monthly payments for out-of-pocket expenses.


  • 12 monthly payments (for full-year plan)
  • Everyone qualifies
  • Plan may be established for any amount

Study abroad program can be very expensive. Most programs require upfront payment of the annual tuition, which can be USD 8,000 – 100,000. It doesn’t make sense for students to have that much savings, and the tuition is not the only cost for 1 year of studying abroad. There will be other living costs that students need to prepare, and it is a lot of money to have in advance.

Our program allows students to pay tuition in monthly installment (appx USD 600 per month). This would significantly decrease the initial cost that needs to be paid before coming to Japan.

While you are attending the Japanese language school, you are also allowed to work at temporary job to make some money for living allowances in Japan. Whether it is your parents who are paying for the tuition or from your savings, the monthly installment of tuition significantly lowers the entrance barrier of studying abroad program.

Our ultimate goal is for you to have the experience of life-time in Japan. While you are learning Japanese language in the school, we also offer other curriculum that you can experience and enjoy truly Japan. We offer flexibility and support system for students after completing the program, and many of them have decided to continue studying or found a new career in Japan. Our program helps to find future paths for students and it has been life-changing choice for all our program participants.