Monthly Payment Plan: Japan Tuition Management Systems (JTMS)

Our Monthly Payment Plan, offered by Japan Tuition Management Systems, is a payment plan by which a student, parent, guardian, or sponsor of a student can pay tuition expenses on a monthly bases. The average annual cost of a Japanese sanguage school is $8,000 to $10,000. Unlike most Japanese language programs where students are required to cover full tuition cost before starting their language courses. Our plan allows students to pay in monthly tuition installments of about $600 per month allowing more financial versatility for each student.

Students who commit to one year of enrollment at a Japanese language school are permitted to participate in part-time employment. Japan Schools encourages students to seek part-time work as to earn extra money and improve there Japanese ability. Employment consultation is also available to advise students on which steps to take to properly acquire part-time work in Japan.

Our ultimate goal is for students to have the experience of life-time in Japan. We offer flexibility and support systems for students before and after completing the program. A number of students have continue studying Japanese after their first year with some successfully starting a career in Japan. Our program offers students life-changing opportunities that guide them on the path to success!…Click here to sign up today!

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